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Our top-rated listing agents will sell your home quickly and professionally for a 4.5% broker fee.

2.5% paid to buyer agent and a 2% list fee.

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All real estate commissions are negotiable.

Affiliated Credit Union members can receive a 10% Member Reward of the commission paid.  Reduced listing commission not eligible for additional 10% Member Reward.


Home Seller's Guide

If you’re looking for a real estate agency with in-depth knowledge of the local market, and a ready customer base for your property, our credit union-based agency is your best choice!

Free Home Evaluation

What’s the best price for your property? Our real estate market experts will review your home and compare it to other listings on the market. With our detailed evaluation, you will know the right pricing to maximize the number of offers you can generate – and a higher price on your sale.

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Free Search Tools

This site contains search tools that will show you current prices and features of homes that match your property profile. Get informed!

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Smart Marketing

Today’s consumer expects detailed information on a property, illustrated with professional photography and readily available online and in a real estate office – and that’s what we deliver with our smart marketing programs.

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Experienced Pros

Our real estate team knows the market and is dedicated to your success. We provide advice on:

  •          Repairs and “curb appeal” property upgrades that optimize your sale price
  •          Pricing strategies, based on sales of comparable properties in the area
  •          Tax strategies, like 1031 Exchanges
  •          Professional assistance, like home inspectors, real estate lawyers, title companies and other services
  •          Property searches for your replacement home!

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